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Art In The City Festival 2016 took place from September 9th to October 9th in Shanghai. Art In The City turned 3 years old and upgraded its festival formula to highlight even more new art from China, more projects, more venues. Showing lovers of art and design, visiting or living in the city, Shanghai’s best creative energies. Bringing art closer to the people.

The main exhibition at chi k11 art museum – curated by Davide Quadrio, Massimo Torrigiani and young local curator Chao Jiaxing– was entitled TAKE ME OUT. It was a show about crossovers between art, design and technology that challenges our comprehension of the spaces within which we viewed art.

The exhibition covered a variety of creative disciplines including: visual art, design, fashion, music, and print media. Individuals of innovation, curators, art institutions, art galleries and artistic communities had all become critical components in the extension and reconstruction of our identity. It was apparent that contemporary art had come closer to the public’s daily lives and that artists’ practices had become miniature utopias, which allowed creatives to expand their conceptual derivations beyond the world of art.

Whether it was exploring systems of discourse between people and society or building convenient modes of interaction with financial systems, the relationships between imaginative practices – art and the public, the city and its inhabitants – was being questioned and transformed in varying degrees. These interdisciplinary cooperations had manifested in expansions of urban space and our memory of space itself. In this process everyone gained dynamic and shifting perceptions, as well as new and insightful experiences; the continuous iterations of such experiences formed a fresh urban image.

Among the participating artists were artists with international acclaim: Liu Bolin, Qiu Zhijie, and Michael Wolf; most were emerging: Cai Dongdong, Chen Xi, Dai Chenlian, Huang Songhao, Linghao (Zero) Shen, Liu Ya, Liu Yujia,Inan Wang, Wang Xin, Wang Yefeng, XuBacheng, Xiao Bo,  Zhang Lehua, Zhang Ya and Payne Zhu.

Two projects on the relationship between art and fashion Women’s Independence and Fashion Salutes Art complemented and enriched the TAKE ME OUT exhibition.

In 2016, the Etam celebrated its 100 anniversary.  For 100 years this French brand had helped the emancipation of women. The company’s President, Laurent Milchior had chosen to celebrate this milestone in an artistic and philanthropic way; he was joined by supermodel Natalia Vodianova, who for many years had been the spokesperson for the brand, and who ran Naked Heart Foundation, an organization aimed at kids’ education in impoverished environments.

International curator Magda Danysz was asked to commission 12 artists to illustrate the Women’s Independence theme. The result was a wide range of works in different media, from photography to drawing and painting to video and installations.

The commissions were unveiled during two shows, in Shanghai for Art In The City, and in Paris, in October. After these exhibitions, the artworks were auctioned off and all profits went to the Naked Heart Foundation. As a remembrance of this show, a 100 limited edition collector’s boxes including editions of the artists’ works were also produced and auctioned.

The 12 artists on show were: Ekaterina Anokhina (Russia), Chen Man, Yseult Digan A.K.A. Yz (France), Faile (USA), Rose-Lynn Fisher (France), Nikolai Ishchuk (Russia), Li Hongbo, Liu Bolin, Daniel Otero Torres (Colombia), Stella Sujin (Korea), Jeanne Susplugas (France) and Yi Zhou.

In Fashion Salutes Art – Art inspires Fashion, Fashion was a form of Art, London and Shanghai-based talent agency Favotell invited 9 fashion designers  to create together with artist Guangyu Zhang a fictional world following the cultural collisions and fusions associated with the concept and history of “Chinoiserie”.

Designers and Artist involved were: Zerrin Akinci (Northern Cyprus), Ewa Bednarska (Poland), Li Yunjia, Nita Lipchanskaya (Ukraine), LynJun Park (Korea), Ye Yili, Andrew Yen, Zhang Guangyu, Daria & Anastasia Zhiliaeva (Russia).