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BLAST! 2017 is coming! By expanding the open call to everyone, the special project provides a larger platform for digital media creativity - consciously reaching out to professionals beyond the field of art. In the age of the Internet, everyone has the necessary tools to realize quality content. The Open Call will explore how this intersection between accessibility and artistic intention affects contemporary digital art in Asia.

BLAST! is disseminated through an array of multidisciplinary platforms and pertinent social media channels. BLAST! Visions seeks cutting-edge moving image, animation, cartoon, and computer-generated video, capable of cultivating interactivity and more. BLAST! Sounds explores new music, including: acoustic, electronic, experimental, noise, pop, rock, found or environmental—anything goes.

BLAST! 2016 was presented at chi K11 art museum, M50 Creative Park, MoCA Pavilion, and alternative venues across Shanghai, attracting more than 100,000 visitors. After last year’s success,

BLAST! 2017 is taking place from September 15 to October 8 at Hima Art Space. The open call is devoted to creating a more compressive stage for audiences to discover the emerging multi-media talents of creators in the 21st century. BLAST! 2017 will select one winner from this year’s 16 finalists. The winning artist will receive a 3-day FUMO Motion Design Master Class (September 15 to September 17) and a round-trip to Shanghai worth 20,000 RMB. FUMO was created from the need for advanced education in Motion Design in China. FUMO is comprised of top designers from the motion design industry. They help professional designers and students elevate their conceptual understanding and skills to an international level, through lecture, demonstrations, exercises, hands-on practice, and one-to-one portfolio reviews.

A jury of professionals from the fields of digital and contemporary art will select this year’s finalists. BLAST! 2017 will be chaired by Davide Quadrio – Curator and Arthub Founder; Massimo Torrigiani – Curator and Fantom Edition Founder; Christopher Doyle –Filmmaker and Shaway Yeh – Group Style Editorial Director, Modern Media. Jury Members include: aaajiao (aka. Xu Wenkai)– New Media Artist; Gao Jiafeng – Musician and Music Producer; Fito Segrera– Head of Research and Creation of CAC; Cao Dan – Editorial Director of LEAP; Roberto Gianstefani – Founder and Director of FLATMIND; Maria Taniguchi – Artist; Colin Chinnery – Curator and Artist; Guo Hongwei – Artist; Wu Junyong ­– Artist; You Mi ­– Curator and Researcher; N+N Corsino – Choreographers and Researchers; Martino Coffa – Founder; Antonio Scoccimarro ­– Associate Editor of Mousse; Zhu Xiaowen – Media Artist; Julian F. Krueger –Executive Creative Director of The Marmalade ; Matthias Winckelmann – 3D and Animation Designer.

In addition to the physical locations, this year’s video winners will be featured on NOWNESS and Arthub’s Screening Program - online platforms that provide temporary access to video works outside of physical spaces.

BLAST! is organized by Art In The City in collaboration with Arthub, Flatmind and Hima Art Space.
For more informaiton of BLAST!, please visit:

BLAST! 2017 Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must be 18 y.o. at the date of submission or older;
  • Applicants must possess the copyright ownership for any and all submissions, granting BLAST! full access to copy and play selected works as they so choose;
  • For submissions to be accepted applicants must complete and sign the statement at:;
  • Submissions must be sent with the signed statement to:;
  • One entry (i.e. file upload) per applicant is allowed;
  • Deadline for entries is: July 31st, 2017.

Technical Requirements 


BLAST! Visions

Participants are asked to submit 1 HD video at a maximum length of 30 seconds, a 16:9 ratio, with no subject restriction.

A) Video submissions may be no longer than 30 seconds; 

B) Submissions must be in 16:9 HD format.


BLAST! Sounds

Participants are asked to submit 1 audio file with a minimum length of 30 seconds and a maximum length of 3 minutes, with no content restrictions.

A) Audio submissions must be between 30 seconds to 3 minutes long; 

B) Submissions should be sent in a standard file format, including: mp3, wma, aac, or ogg.


Please note that if selected, applicants will be asked to send the FLAC (uncompressed) versions of their sound pieces.


2016 BLAST! VISION winning artworks

In2016, the jury of professionals from the fields digital and contemporary art that selected this year’s finalists of BLAST! Visions was chaired by Davide Quadrio – Curator and Arthub Founder and composed by aaajiao (XuWenkai) – New media artist; Lisa Garrison – Director of the Lumen Prize Exhibition; Roberto Gianstefani – Flatmind Co-Founder; Miltos Manetas – Painter, conceptual artist and theorist; Shaway Yeh – Modern Media Group Style Editorial Director; and Ying Shao – NOWNESS China Manager.For the premiere iteration of BLAST! Sounds2016  the jury was chaired by Massimo Torrigiani – Curator and editor, and composed by Ho Tzu Nyen – Artist, filmmaker and writer; Wok the Rock (WotoWibowo) – Artist, curator and cultural activist; Samson Young – Artist and composer; and Zhou Zihan – Performance/audiovisual artist.


The winners of the 2016 edition of BLAST! Visions were: Lin Wanshan, Wang Huagang, Chen Xi , Andrew Stooke (UK), Lu Su, Wei Qi and Wang Shiying, Weng Xuyan, Tiger Chengliang Cai. The winners of the 2016 edition of BLAST! Sounds were: Ma Shengzhe, Andrew Stooke (UK), Li Huihui , Huang Cheng, Zhao Shinuan, Riar Rizaldi (Indonesia), Johanes M.H. Handjono (Indonesia), Xinniang.